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Nails Technician

Nails Technician

If you’ve gone to a salon for a manicure or pedicure, you’ve probably worked with a nails technician. A nails technician works in a nail salon as either a manicurist or pedicurist or both. They may perform hand, feet, and nail treatments and are required to hold a current state license. They trim and shape nails and apply nail polish. They can also apply fake nails, such as acrylic nails and gel nails. They may also perform nail art design on natural or false nails. They are also trained in hand and foot massage.

A nails technician must have a high school diploma and have attended a training program at a college or cosmetology school. After completing the course, they have to become licensed. Some salons will provide training while you work there but most prefer that you are already licensed.

How to Choose a Good Nails Technician

There are several things to consider when choosing a nails technician. Cost can often be the deciding factor but there are other things that help determine the cost. Look at the quality of nail products the technician uses. Many salons use lower quality products for false nails that result in yellowing or breaking of the nails.

Consider the amount of time the nails technician spends on your manicure. While refills take about 45 minutes, a technician should allow a full hour for a new set or french manicure. Some salons book clients too close together and the manicurist hurries through. They may also use two technicians, a different person on each hand. Each manicurist will trim, file, and polish just a little differently which will give you unmatching hands. You want the nails technician to take time not only to do a good job, but to answer any questions. Finding quality service is the number one consideration when looking for a manicurist.

There should also not be any pain during filing or drilling. A drill is only used to remove low quality existing false nails and should be handled carefully. If there is any pain, your nail bed or plate is being damaged.

A reputable nail salon may also offer a guarantee for their work if they apply nail enhancements, showing that they have confidence in their level of work. It may cost more but a lovely manicure that lasts will be worth the extra effort spent in finding the best nails technician.

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