Nail Art Design

Nail Art is Beautiful Design on a Small Canvas

Nail Art Design

Nail Art Design

Have you ever seen someone with flowers or decorative swirls on their nails? That is nail art and it is a centuries-old beauty accessory. The Chinese added flowers to their nails and the Inca Indians were famous for the eagles they painted on their nails. Modern nail art design can be subtle with just a few swirls or lines or it can be quite elaborate with small detailed pictures painted on natural or fake nails.

Learn Nail Art Design

Nail art design is taught as part of a certificate course for nails technicians who learn to be experts in the area. Some experts offer one day workshops to teach non licensed people how to do the nail art technique. There are even websites which will instruct you how to make simple designs such as a flower or swirl.

Nail Art Design Tools and Products

Besides learning the techniques, you need to have the proper tools to do nail art. Different colors of nail polish, tiny brushes or toothpicks, and stencils for airbrush nails are needed, depending on the technique you will use. You can do art on any type of false nails, such as acrylic nails or gel nails.

There are brushes for making lines and dots, as well as angled brushes. You can also get sequins and glitter for your designs. The tools are the same for fake nails or real nails. While elaborate designs are better done by a professional, you can learn to do simple designs at home.

Doing Nail Art Design

Nail Art Design

Floral Nail Art Design

  • You always want to start with clean, trim nails
  • If your own nails are brittle or uneven, you may want to apply false nails
  • You’ll start with a clear base coat to protect your nails before you begin the design
  • You may want to apply a color polish over the entire nail
  • You can use a thin tipped brush to draw your design, but many beginners choose to use a toothpick or pin
  • It’s fairly simple to create flowers or geometric designs with no training. Adding glitter on stick-on jewels can make a plain design look more elaborate
  • You can also get stencils to stick on your nails to help you achieve a more polished design rather than doing it freehand. You have to be careful when you pull off the stencil not to damage the artwork

To make your design last, apply a clear top coat every few days and use gloves when your hands are in water. You can create your own nail art with just a little practice.

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