Fake Gel Nails

Gel Nails: Almost Like Your Real Nails

Gel nails have become a popular choice in fake nails because they look and feel more like your natural nails. They hold their shine and are so light weight that you forget you’re wearing false nails.

Fake Gel Nails

Fake Gel Nails

Gel nails are made of a mixture of polymer and monomer gel. You can treat them just like your own nails by using nail polish, airbrush your nails, and doing nail art design. They won’t turn yellow like other kinds of fake nails and won’t chip off. The downside of gel nails is that they are more expensive than other false nails. If you’ve never applied them before, it’s recommended to go to a nail technician for the first time. However, they can be applied at home with a little practice.

How to Apply Fake Gel Nails

There are two ways to apply gel nails: the light and no-light methods:

  • For both methods, you must clean your nails first and trim your cuticles
  • Apply a thin coat of gel with a brush just like you would nail polish
  • Trim the gel and then apply a second coat
  • With the light method, you would use an ultraviolet light to cure the nail
  • The no-light method follows the same application process except you use a gel applicator to spray on the nail to cure it. Some kits only require water to set the gel. Be sure you read on the kit before you buy if you have a preference
  • You can fix any repairs needed by following this method on the damaged nail. Once you’re finished, you are ready to polish or decorate the nails

Fake Gel Nails Removal

  • Remove any nail polish before you start and then soak your hands in an acetone based polish remover until the gel becomes sticky and soft. You may notice an unpleasant odor as the acetone mixes with the gel
  • Work your way from the tip of the nail to the center. If it gets difficult to remove, stop and soak for another 5 to 10 minutes. You can use non-acetone remover, but allow extra time for it to soften the nails
  • After the nails have been removed, use olive oil to repair your natural nails because they will be soft and weak for awhile

Gel nails are perfect for the person who has weak, uneven, brittle nails and wants to have polished, well-manicured hands.

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